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Medal Tally 36th National Games And Medal Tally Khelo India Youth Games 2023



This comprehensive overview delves into the medal tallies of the 36th National Games, Khelo India Youth Games 2023, and the Gujarat NMMS (National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship) Result 2023. These events represent significant milestones in the world of sports and education, showcasing talent and determination across various domains.

  1. 36th National Games Medal Tally: The 36th National Games serve as a platform for athletes from across India to compete in various sports and showcase their prowess. The medal tally reflects the cumulative achievements of participants, shedding light on the performance of different states and union territories.
  2. Medal Tally Breakdown: a. Gold, Silver, and Bronze: The medal tally provides a breakdown of gold, silver, and bronze medals won by each participating state or union territory. b. Total Medal Count: The total medal count showcases the overall success of each region, highlighting their sporting excellence.
  3. Noteworthy Performances: The medal tally also serves as a testament to noteworthy performances by individual athletes and teams. It provides insights into emerging talents and established sports icons who have excelled in their respective disciplines.
  4. Chart Representation: [Insert a chart here] A visual representation of the medal tally chart enhances the understanding of the distribution of medals among different states. This visual aid offers a quick and informative overview of the sporting landscape at the 36th National Games.
  5. Khelo India Youth Games 2023 Medal Tally: The Khelo India Youth Games play a pivotal role in nurturing young talents and promoting sports at the grassroots level. The medal tally for this event highlights the achievements of budding athletes, showcasing the future of Indian sports.
  6. Medal Tally Insights: a. Age Categories: The Khelo India Youth Games often categorize participants by age, allowing for a more nuanced analysis of talent development across different age groups. b. Gender Breakdown: Understanding the distribution of medals among male and female athletes adds depth to the assessment of gender inclusivity and sports participation.
  7. Gujarat NMMS Result 2023 and Merit List: The NMMS scholarship program is a significant initiative to support meritorious students from economically weaker sections. The result and merit list for Gujarat NMMS 2023 reflect the academic achievements of deserving students.
  8. Steps to Check Gujarat NMMS Result and Merit List: a. Visit Official Website: Access the official NMMS Gujarat website. b. Navigate to Results Section: Find the dedicated section for NMMS results. c. Enter Details: Provide the required details such as roll number and date of birth. d. Download Merit List: The merit list can be downloaded to view the names of successful candidates.
  9. Additional Information: a. Scholarship Benefits: The NMMS scholarship provides financial assistance to students for pursuing education after class 8. b. Impact on Education: Analyzing the merit list and result helps gauge the impact of the NMMS scholarship on empowering talented students.



In conclusion, the exploration of the medal tallies from the 36th National Games and Khelo India Youth Games, along with the Gujarat NMMS Result 2023, offers a comprehensive understanding of the achievements in sports and education. These events contribute significantly to fostering talent and promoting holistic development in India.

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