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Gujarat Nmms Result 2023 Merit List And 36th National Games Medal Tally



The sporting arena witnessed fervent competition and exceptional athletic prowess at the 36th National Games and Khelo India Youth Games 2023. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the medal tallies of both events, shedding light on the remarkable accomplishments of athletes. Additionally, we explore the Gujarat NMMS (National Means Cum Merit Scholarship) result for 2023 and its merit list, contributing to a holistic understanding of recent sporting and educational achievements.

Step 1: 36th National Games Medal Tally: The 36th National Games showcased the pinnacle of athletic excellence, with participants from across India competing in various disciplines. The medal tally provides a snapshot of the states and union territories that excelled in these games, showcasing the distribution of gold, silver, and bronze medals. Let’s delve into a detailed breakdown of the medal tally, highlighting standout performances and emerging trends.

Step 2: Khelo India Youth Games 2023 Medal Tally: Khelo India Youth Games 2023, a platform for budding talent, witnessed intense competition among young athletes. The medal tally for this event reflects the future of Indian sports, showcasing the prowess and potential of the youth. We analyze the distribution of medals across different states and explore the impact of Khelo India in nurturing talent at the grassroots level.

Step 3: Gujarat NMMS Result 2023 and Merit List: Shifting focus to education, the Gujarat NMMS result for 2023 holds significance for students aiming to secure the National Means Cum Merit Scholarship. The merit list reveals the academic accomplishments of students in Gujarat who demonstrated exceptional merit in the scholarship examination. We explore the criteria for selection, providing insights into the achievements of the scholarship recipients.

Step 4: Comparative Analysis of Medal Tallies: To offer a comprehensive view, a chart is included below, comparing the medal tallies of the 36th National Games and Khelo India Youth Games 2023. This visual representation aids in understanding the relative performances of states and union territories in these two prominent sporting events.

Step 5: Key Highlights from 36th National Games: This section focuses on the standout moments and achievements during the 36th National Games. It includes narratives of exceptional performances, records broken, and the overall sportsmanship displayed by athletes from different regions.

Step 6: Emerging Talents at Khelo India Youth Games 2023: Delving into the Khelo India Youth Games, we spotlight emerging talents who made a mark in various disciplines. Recognizing the potential of young athletes and their contributions to the future of Indian sports, this section celebrates their achievements.

Step 7: Scholarly Excellence in Gujarat NMMS Result 2023: For students in Gujarat, the NMMS result is a testament to their academic prowess. This segment provides insights into the scholarship process, criteria for selection, and the remarkable achievements of the meritorious students who secured the scholarship.



This comprehensive overview encapsulates the dynamic landscape of sports and education with a focus on the 36th National Games, Khelo India Youth Games 2023, and the Gujarat NMMS result. The detailed analysis of medal tallies, accompanied by a comparative chart, offers a visual representation of state-wise performances. Additionally, highlighting key achievements and emerging talents contributes to recognizing the dedication and hard work of athletes and scholars alike. As we celebrate the victories in sports and education, this information serves as a valuable resource for enthusiasts, educators, and policymakers alike, fostering a deeper understanding of the achievements that shape the diverse landscape of Indian sports and scholarship.

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